Participation in educational projects help us meet current trends outside Czech Republic, and bring new ideas to CR and inspire our customers to improvement. Research projects enable us development of testing methods, rise of new products or new solutions.

Projects that TZU has been involved in a past:
El-Tex – first e-learning software on the internet in Czech Republic 
Fashion school I – multilingual explanatory dictionary for textile business
Fashion school II – extension of explanatory dictionary to 16 language mutations
RABC – Risks of biocontamination in laundry industry
Laundry sustainability – sustainable consumption of energy and water
Hygiene of food - training modules for cleaning services enterprices
Professions – internal educational programme for emplyees 
Partnerhip - longlife laerning focused on care labelling
Mobility - international internships of TZÚ emplyees
Mobility II - the continuation of the first Mobility project
Didactex - a national project focused to pupils to reinforce their technical competences 
E-Dryclean – longlife learning project for drycleaners
IFP – interactive portal for furniture industry

research projects:
Plazma – surface adjusment of textiles using atmospherical plasma treatment
Nanoparticles of Iron – usage of nanoparticles of iron in textiles

If you have any questions please contact responsible person of the project.