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Outdoor testing in TZÚ
added 10. 11. 2011

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About Textile Testing Institute

In present, TZÚ is a leader in branch testing and certification and involved in many other activities within the experimental development.

The accredited testing laboratory is a credit to its accreditation number, which is 1001, and offers several hundreds of tests for nearly all types of textile products. In present, safety represents the most critical issue and covers not only the detection of harmful substances but also non-flammability and resistance of technical textiles. Besides, high-tech and hygiene are in the limelight of attention; therefore, we got accredited by UCL (CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY) and have constructed a microbiological laboratory.

Although the Institute, under No. 3003 became only the third certification body in the history of accreditation in our country, it has taken leading position in the certification of textile enterprises. The Institute has certified more enterprises in the branch than all renowned organizations altogether. As far as the certification of industrial laundries is concerned, it has practically no competition. Our advantage consists in the traditional knowledge of the branch of auditors´ qualification (Global Senior Auditors IQNet).

The testing is linked with certification and CE marking, including the production management system certifications. Although the certification body No. 3044 for products was not among the first ones to have been accredited, it has succeeded to obtain for the Institute the authorization AO 219 and notification for EU NB 1021.

The high qualification, experience and authority of its personnel are supported by the fact that TZÚ acts also as a forensic expertise institute.

Nevertheless, the offer of TZÚ services would not be complete without the information on new technical standards ensured by the Centre of Technical Standardization. We are actively involved in the preparation of National and European standards in textile and furniturres branchs.