In the last few years we focused our services to test advanced properties of outdoor products. We invest a lot of money, our effort and knowledge to develop the excellent laboratory for testing and evaluation of these products.

We have at your disposal the unique equipment for testing of:

•             The permeability of fabric to air according to EN ISO 9237

•             The resistance to water penetration – hydrostatic pressure tests according to EN 20811

•             The thermal properties of the sleeping bags according to EN 13537

•             Liquid sweat transport and buffering capacity BPI

•             Liquid Moisture Management Properties MMT according to AATCC 195

•             The thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions according to EN 31092

•             The resistance to surface wetting („spray test“) of fabrics according to EN 24920

•             The water repellence of fabrics by the Bundesmann rain-shower test according to EN 29865


….and furthermore. We are still working on upgrading of our equipment to be ready for new demands. TTI is collaborating in many technical committees focused on outdoor equipment and this experience is giving us actual information and helping us to offer continuously new tests according to new trends. 

Few photos of our testing equipment:
Spray test  hydrostatic pressure testsLiquid Moisture Management Properties MMT The thermal properties of the sleeping bags according to EN 13537