Certification of product is a process, which guarantees the compliance of product properties with technical specification; it means the product quality minimally on customary level. The certificate guarantees meeting the requirements for the end-use properties and for product safety required by relevant technical specifications.

The certificates guarantee a suitability of products for a relevant use with aim to gain confidence of customers, i.e. the certificates guarantee within not mandatory certification meeting the technical requirements on end-use, qualitative and hygienic properties of products.

The certificates guarantee conformity assessment with legal regulations, i.e. certificates guarantee within mandatory conformity assessment meeting technical requirements for product safety.

Textile Testing Institute is accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute as Certification body for products No. 3044. Certificate of Accreditation 2017.pdfScope of Accreditation 2017.pdf.

Textile Testing Institute is authorized by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing as Authorized Body
No. 219 and notified at European Commission as Notified Body No. 1021.

Mandatory certification

Mandatory certification = the evaluation of conformity is a process of evaluating products prior to their introduction to the EU market with regard to the basic requirements for safety and health protection. Such basic requirements are specified in European directives for the relevant product lines. The products are from a “harmonized area”. The requirements for such products are specified in harmonized standards – they are subject to uniform rules within the EU market. The products are marked with CE after the conformity assessment and the producer issues an EC declaration of conformity. Notified bodies participate in the evaluation of conformity in defined cases.

Conformity assessment

TZÚ Brno is Notified Body No. 1021 in the area of EU. On the base of the notification TZÚ is qualified to perform conformity assessment according to European Directives and Regulations in this scope of products:

EU Directive or Regulation

  • 2016/425: Protective equipment - textile clothing (see NANDO)
  • Regulation 305/2011: Construction products - geotextiles and geosynthetics (geomembranes, geocomposites); resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings
  • 2009/48/EC: Safety of toys - textile toys

Our notification you can find HERE

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