Textile Testing institute is interested in two basic project types: educational and research. The first educational project was solved in years 2002 - 2004 and the result of this project is the accreditated educational project on internet - Guide for textile and clothing trade. We are also experienced in Leonardo da Vinci project (long term cooperation with Research institute in Krefeld and Association of textile-clothing-leather industry).

The second part of project activities are focused on the research projects. We are member of the Centre for Nanomaterial Research. With Academy of Science we cooperate on the creation of the nano-layers and nano coatings and there are prepared another project to the 7th Framework programme in co-operation with Brno University of Technology and University in Gent.

Completely specific projects are clusters, which are aimed at members and their co-operation on innovation and development in the field. TZU is a founding member of cluster Clutex, which is focused on technical textiles. Since 2007 we are members of cluster Ceitec bioinformatics and Czech nanotechnology cluster. The appropriate mapping for clusters of firms, we have initialized themselves in order to create a clothing cluster, which is encouraging for companies specializing in the production ready and in South Moravia-Silesia region.

If you find our activity interesting and find a new partner to your both education and research project, do not hesitate to contact us on email address nasadil@tzu.cz.