Technical Standardisation

The Centre of Technical Standardisation (CTN) of the Textile Testing Institute provides services to clients whose aim is the securing of the best possible relations between supplier and customer, resulting in the agreeing and ensuring of quality through the proper exchange of information between both parties pertaining to the legal regulations, technical standards, metrology, quality control etc.


CTN provides to all clients (both producers and traders) with the following services in the field of textile and clothes industries:


  • Information on current legal directives (laws, regulations, governmental decrees) pertaining to:
    • quality
    • conformity assurance
    • technical standardisation
    • metrology.

Preparation of reviews concerning current directives from this field, including emphasis of those parts of legal directives related to the above-mentioned topics.


  • Information on preparation and publication of European standards (EN)
    including information on their incorporation into the Czech Technical Standards

 Provision of the updating of standards files

  • Distribution of information on newly published standards, revisions to or abolition of these. 
    Preparation of reviews on:
    • current ENs related to textile industry
    • EN ISO related to quality control and environmental systems (9000 and 14000 series)
    • harmonised standards according to governmental decrees.


  • Methodology advice and consultancy in the preparation of works standards and possibly further technical specifications for products, as well as help in specification of product quality in contracts.


  • Methodology advice and consultancy in the metrology of measuring devices 
    Instructions on methods of metrology to ensure the quality of measuring devices in organisations.


  • In addition of the above, CTN provides information on topical matters and those matters where misunderstandings between the trading partners occur, e.g.
    • the two-years guarantee period of textile products
    • the names of textile fibres
    • textile products care symbols 
    • commercial allowances of textile materials
    • subventions provided to enterprises, such as then program "TRH"
    • environmental and safety systems.

This information is sent by post or e-maile. Clients are provided quarterly with a CD (DEMO version) containing all the above mentioned information, including updating.

For more information about  The Centre of Technical Standardisation (CTN) please contact:

Dipl. Ing. Vítězslav Gaja
Head of  The Centre of Technical Standardisation
Phone: +420543426737
Mobile: +420608150122 
E-Mail: gaja(at)