Acredited testing laboratory No. 1001

Our testing laboratory was accredited as the first laboratory in the Czech Republic since 1991. We offer wide range of tests focused on textile products.
The tests range runs from the finest fibres up to the strongest geotextiles, from threads to floor coverings, also clothing textiles as well as upholstery and furniture. It is possible to test both semi-products and final products, garment, toys, fasteners, feather filling as well as plastics, geomembranes and composites for automotive and aerospace industry.

We have available a broad range of mechanical, chemical, microbiological and flammability tests. Our results serve not only for certification of textile products, for preparation the offers or for competitive tendering but also for resolution to disputes and claims. The accredited laboratory is impartial and independent. Our staff members observe confidentiality on information and are ready to fulfil your requirements as soon as possible.



The Accredited Testing Laboratory of TZÚ